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Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission Company Ltd.

(Wholly owned by Govt.of Madhya Pradesh) "Will Power to Wheel the Power"

General Circulars

CIRCULAR Circulare regarding Tendering Procedure AS/MPPTCL/Circular/Proc./V/1444 25-04-2022
CIRCULAR Regarding purchase through GeM portal modification in DoP clause thereof. AS/MPPTCL/V/1289 08-04-2022
CIRCULAR कार्मिको की वार्षिक गोपनीय चरित्रावली लिखने की समय-सीमा में संशोधन बावत्. AS/MPPTCL/II/1264 07-04-2022
CIRCULAR Regarding transfer of employees of MPPTCL. AS/MPPTCL/E-I/1183 31-03-2022
CIRCULAR Regarding Confidential Report. AS/MPPTCL/II/1131 21-03-2022
CIRCULAR Circular regarding Standard Measurement Book(Vol-II)as per MPPWD SOR for Building works. AS/04-02/SSD/373 15-02-2022
CIRCULAR Circular regarding E-tendering procedure. AS/MPPTCL/Circular/Proc./V/608 07-02-2022
CIRCULAR Circular regarding GPF. AS/MPPTCL/Transco/F-476/1142 02-02-2022
CIRCULAR Circular regarding GPF. AS/MPPTCL/V/462 27-01-2022
CIRCULAR Circular regarding EPF. CFO/Transco/ESH/Cir.61/68 19-01-2022
CIRCULAR Circular regarding 400 kV Testing Div location. AS/MPPTCL/E-I/397 18-01-2022
CIRCULAR Circular regarding measurement methodology for recording of measurements. 04-02/SSD/Civil/2573 11-11-2021
CIRCULAR Accounts Circular - 43, Procedure for obtaining funding to meet out the expenditure of unfunded capital expenditure. CFO./ACCOUNTS/CIRCULAR/149/2021-22/2453 17-09-2021
CIRCULAR Continue the benefit of concessional electricity. AS/MPPTCL/III/2570 19-08-2021
CIRCULAR Income Tax TDS/TCS compliance. CFO/TRANSCO/TAX/44/84 18-08-2021
CIRCULAR Deduction of TDS u/s lncome of Income Tax Act with effect from 01/07/2021 (TDS on Purchase of Goods) CFO/TRANSCO/TAX/44/74 02-07-2021
CIRCULAR Deduction of TDS u/s 194Q of Income Tax Act W.E.F.01/07/2021(TDS on Purchase of Goods) CFO/TRANSCO/TAX/44/72 22-06-2021
CIRCULAR Circular regarding Income Tax(TDS) Rates applicable with effect from 01/04/2021 . CFO/TRANSCO/TAX/62 06-04-2021
CIRCULAR Circular regarding Entry of transactions on relevant posting date and fiscal year i.e accounting year . CFO./ACCOUNTS/CIRCULAR/149/2020-21/1796 24-02-2021
CIRCULAR Circular regarding Digital Life Certificate for Pensioners/ Family Pensioners . AS/MPPTCL/P&D/5/310 08-01-2021
CIRCULAR Circular regarding Independance Day and Republic Day Award. AS/MPPTCL/III/151 01-01-2021
CIRCULAR Circular regarding Internal Grievance Redressal Committee. AS/MPPTCL/VI/155 01-01-2021
CIRCULAR Circular regarding timely disposal of departmental enquiry penalty against officer/employee. AS/MPPTCL/VI/3331 24-12-2020
CIRCULAR Regarding porches of cloths for Uniform and stitching charges. AS/MPPTCL/EST/3317 23-12-2020
CIRCULAR Collection of TCS by supplier on payment. CFO/TRANSCO/TAX/44/39 23-10-2020
CIRCULAR Circular regarding E-invoice for passing bills of supplier and contractor for payment. CFO/TRANSCO/TAX/GST-3/37 20-10-2020
CIRCULAR Circular regarding Benefit of concessional electricity. AS/MPPTCL/III/2202 13-08-2020
CIRCULAR For keeping updated data on the Website. AS/MPPTCL/V/2188 11-08-2020
CIRCULAR Circular regarding Honb'le Managing Director, M.P Power Transmission Co.Ltd. AS/MPPTCL/V/1913 13-07-2020
CIRCULAR Circular regarding opting either of Old Tax Slab or new tax Slab for Income Tax Return. CFO/TRANSCO/TAX/CIR-44/05 18-06-2020
CIRCULAR Circular regarding Income Tax(Salary) CFO/TRANSCO/TAX/CIR-44/01 03-06-2020
CIRCULAR Effective use of "Aarogyasetu" App for breaking the Chain of transmission of Covid-19. AS/MPPTCL/V/1263 01-05-2020
CIRCULAR Directives issued with regard to novel corona virus (COVID-19) AS/MPPTCL/E-1/1201 23-03-2020
CIRCULAR Necessary preventive remedies for prevention of novel corona virus (COVID-19) AS/MPPTCL/V/1197 21-03-2020
CIRCULAR Circular regarding applicability of GST on forfeiture of SD/EMD CFO/TRANSCO/TAX/GST-3/57 19-03-2020
CIRCULAR Circular Regarding "Biometric Attendance System". AS/MPPTCL/V/1075 07-03-2020
CIRCULAR Circular Regarding "Gratuity Act-1972". AS/MPPTCL/VI/869 24-02-2020
CIRCULAR Regarding Audit para replies, A.G. Audit . AS/MPPTCL/CFO/AUDIT/E-I/3798 12-12-2019
CIRCULAR Circular regarding Gratuity Act-1972. AS/MPPTCL/E-I/1367-68 07-12-2019
CIRCULAR Circular regarding Gratuity Act-1972 for Officers and Employees of companies of Madhya Pradesh power sector . AS/MPPTCL/VI/3604 28-11-2019
CIRCULAR Circular regarding Renting of Motor Vehicle taxable under RCM.
CFO/Transco/Tax/GST-3/327 11-10-2019
CIRCULAR A Committee was formed to look into the provisions of penalty clause ans also other clauses of various contracts and to suggest changes wherever necessary . AS/MPPTCL/E-I/2614 24-08-2019
CIRCULAR Circular regarding accidential case. AS/MPPTCL/E-VI/1600 28-05-2019
CIRCULAR Circular regarding Biometric Attendance. AS/MPPTCL/1527 21-05-2019
CIRCULAR Circular regarding vehicle. AS/MPPTCL/1014 20-03-2019
CIRCULAR Enhancement of exemption limit of gratuity from Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakhs u/s 10(10)(iii) of Income Act 1961. AS/MPPTCL/270 11-03-2019
CIRCULAR Circular regarding Service Book detail. AS/MPPTCL/866 08-03-2019
CIRCULAR Change of Profit Center of SUB-LDC. AS/MPPTCL/142 08-01-2019
CIRCULAR List of Local Holidays 2019. AS/MPPTCL/136 05-01-2019
CIRCULAR All official correspondence such as u.o. note, letter, report etc. to be made in A-4 size Paper. AS/MPPTCL/131 05-01-2019
CIRCULAR ESIC for Contract Emplyoee. AS/MPPTCL/3316 26-12-2018
CIRCULAR Circular regarding publication of MPPTCL quarterly magazine"Transco Surbhi" . AS/MPPTCL/1440 11-05-2018
CIRCULAR Disclosure of annual confidencial report in respect of account officers and section officers of finance and account wing. AS/MPPTCL/II/1109 06-04-2018
CIRCULAR Instruction regarding collection account at RAOs CFO/BCM/359 21-03-2018
CIRCULAR Transfer of funds between RAOs and field officers/offices at HQ CFO/BCM/358 21-03-2018
CIRCULAR Criteria for filling up the post of F&A wing in the company through promotion AS/MPPTCL/517 07-02-2018
CIRCULAR Circular regarding award policy of the company. AS/MPPTCL/233 16-01-2018
CIRCULAR Implementation of GST AS/MPPTCL/2821 05-09-2017
CIRCULAR Flag hosting program occasion on Independenace day AS/MPPTCL/2545 08-08-2017
CIRCULAR Deputation Policy for MP power companies AS/MPPTCL/2500 05-08-2017
CIRCULAR Regarding Reservation for womens recruitement by MP govt. AS/MPPTCL/2504 04-08-2017
CIRCULAR To Follow Office Timings. AS/MPPTCL/V/2376 25-07-2017
CIRCULAR Compensatory of Encashment. AS/MPPTCL/III/3661 24-07-2017
CIRCULAR (AMENDMENT) Games Celender-2017 AS/MPPTCL/91 14-07-2017
CIRCULAR Energy Department,GoMP,Bhopal order Regarding Managing Director AS/MPPTCL/V/1517 19-05-2017
CIRCULAR Regarding 84th Board Meeting of Board of Directors of MPPTCL AS/MPPTCL/1362 06-05-2017
CIRCULAR Identified Static Cadres for higher pay AS/MPPTCL/II/5210 24-12-2016
CIRCULAR Criteria for filling up the posts of F&A wing in the company through promotion AS/MPPTCL/E-I/XIII/5178 22-12-2016
CIRCULAR Regarding Award Policy of the Company AS/MPPTCL/III/ 5011 03-12-2016
CIRCULAR Regarding New Recruitement Policy AS/MPPTCL/E-I/13/ 4091 29-10-2016
CIRCULAR EPF Deposit related to Outsource Employee AS/MPPTCL/EStt./3857 03-10-2016
CIRCULAR Circular related to GPF - 14-07-2016
CIRCULAR Disposal of application for class up gradation of AE (Class-II) and JE (Class-III) AS/MPPTCL/II/2655 02-07-2016
CIRCULAR Maintaining Register for the Complaint of ST/SC AS/MPPTCL/2034 20-06-2016
CIRCULAR Concessional electricity tariff for Company's Officers/ Employees AS/MPPTCL/III/1811 06-06-2016
CIRCULAR CUG CEILING of Maximum Rs 300/- AS/MPPTCL/IV/1453 02-05-2016
CIRCULAR Electricity bills of offices & control centers/ rooms of MPPTCL. AS/MPPTCL//III/1160 01-04-2016
CIRCULAR Benefit of concessional Electricity to the officers and Employees of MPPTCL AS/MPPTCL//III/1158 01-04-2016
CIRCULAR GPF Loan Circulars PF/F-474,476,475 / 3464, 3465, 3466 22-03-2016
Notification Increase/decrease in monthly PF subscription DD/PF/BOT/3100 27-01-2015
CIRCULAR Deduction of PF subscription 12% DD/PF/3099 27-01-2015
Notification Increase/decrease in monthly PF subscription DD/PF/BOT/3100 27-01-2015
Notification Increase/decrease in monthly PF subscription DD/PF/BOT/3100 27-01-2015
List List of Hospitals Identified by MPPTCL AS/MPPTCL/IV/2778 09-10-2014
CIRCULAR Concessional Electricity to officers & employee AS/MPPTCL/Con/III/1823 01-07-2014
CIRCULAR Norms of furniture for Substation & Offices AS/MPPTCL/1183 22-04-2014
CIRCULAR Relaxation in Bond Executed by Employee AS/MPPTCL/13/193 18-01-2014
CIRCULAR Submission of Articles for "Transco-Surbhi" Magzine AS/MPPTCL/110 09-01-2014
CIRCULAR Award Policy and Amendments AS/MPPTCL/3307 25-10-2013
Notification Notification of company cadre employee AS/MPPTCL/VIII/2827 11-09-2013
CIRCULAR GSLIS - Group Savings Linked Insurance Scheme with Accidental Insurance AS/MPPTCL/2127 16-07-2013
CIRCULAR GSLIS - Group Savings Linked Insurance Scheme with Accidental Insurance AS/MPPTCL/1886 16-07-2012
CIRCULAR Filling up the vacancies of Junior Engineer AS/MPPTCL/XI/594 28-02-2013
CIRCULAR Chhattisgarh Transfer AS/MPPTCL/537 23-02-2013
CIRCULAR Modified Setup Of Civil Wing AS/MPPTCL/390 22-09-2012
CIRCULAR Modified Setup Of Civil Wing AS/MPPTCL/V/2561 07-09-2012
CIRCULAR Concessional Electricity AS/MPPTCL/V/2578 07-09-2012
CIRCULAR Modification In Wages & Allowances Manual AS/MPPTCL/2475 28-08-2012
CIRCULAR Modification In Wages & Allowances Manual AS/MPPTCL/2078 27-07-2012
CIRCULAR Group Savings Linked Insurance Scheme AS/MPPTCL/1886 16-07-2012