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Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission Company Ltd.

(Wholly owned by Govt.of Madhya Pradesh) "Will Power to Wheel the Power"

ERP Circulars

CIRCULAR Processing the ACRs of Class I and II officers of the company through ERP System w.e.f. FY 2021-22 and onwards and discontinueing the lagecy system. AS/MPPTCL/ACR/EE-II/1268 07-04-2022
CIRCULAR Expenditures related to Operation and Maintenance works. CFO/MPPTCL/Accounts/149/2237 22-07-2021
CIRCULAR Circular regarding Entry of transactions on relevant posting date and fiscal year i.e accounting year. CFO/Accounts/Circular/149/2020-21/1796 24-02-2021
CIRCULAR ERP CIRCULAR No-28, Modification to this office ERPCircular no. 15A. AS/MPPTCL/V/2604 26-09-2020
CIRCULAR ERP CIRCULAR No-27, Discontinuation the legacy system i.e. Sybase for capturing financial transactions. AS/MPPTCL/V/1867 08-07-2020
CIRCULAR Account Circular No-39, Revised accounting procedures for Accounting of income from O&M contract of S/S/Line/others with third parties /Income from Renting /hiring contract for use of MPPTCL Asseets by the third parties and other Miscellaneous Income received in accordance with ERP system w.e.f. 01.08.2020 CFO/Accounts/Circular/149/2020-21/1108 16-07-2020
CIRCULAR Account Circular No-38, Revised accounting procedures for processing of the Suppliers/Contractors/ Revolvingg fund/RTA Crop/RTA fuel/Temporary Advance bill/ othes bills against Expences transaction passed by the field executive for pre-audit and payemnt by RAO/HQ in accordance with the ERP system w.g.f. 01.08.2020 CFO/Accounts/Circular/149/2020-21/1107 16-07-2020
CIRCULAR ERP CIRCULAR No-25, Deactivation/deletion of employees self service (ESS)/Managerial self service(MSS)/SAP ERP (ECC) login credentials provided to personal of MPPTCL, due to separation on various ground. AS/MPPTCL/CIR/IT&ERP/V/1258 01-05-2020
CIRCULAR ERP CIRCULAR No-26, Circular regarding ERP. CFO/MPPTCL/ACCOUNTS/149A/1494 01-06-2020
CIRCULAR ERP CIRCULAR No-23, Circular regarding ERP. AS/MPPTCL/CIR/IT&ERP/V/296 06-01-2020
CIRCULAR ERP CIRCULAR No-21, Circular regarding FLM. AS/MPPTCL/V/235 01-01-2020
CIRCULAR ERP CIRCULAR No-22, Updation of CL, OL and EL leaves quota in ERP. AS/MPPTCL/V/238 01-01-2020
CIRCULAR ई आर.पी. अवकाश अवगत कराने बाबत़ AS/MPPTCL/V/3802 13-12-2019
CIRCULAR ERP CIRCULAR No-20, To Activate ESS A/c. AS/MPPTCL/V/3428 15-11-2019
CIRCULAR ERP CIRCULAR No-18, Implementation of ERP in MPPTCL:Opening & Closing period of material posting. AS/MPPTCL/Cir/2347 30-07-2019
CIRCULAR Looking period of HR related master data maintenance during payroll processing. AS/MPPTCL/E-V/2224 23-07-2019
CIRCULAR Departments for Master Data related Codes. AS/MPPTCL/E-I/2201 19-07-2019
CIRCULAR Parallel running of ERP and Legacy System. AS/MPPTCL/Cir./IT&ERP/V/2163 18-07-2019
CIRCULAR Allotment Of Cost Center/Location Code. CFO./Accounts/Circular/149A-II/688 27-05-2019
CIRCULAR Tenders shall be issued on the basis of Purchase Requisition (PR). AS/MPPTCL/Cir/IT&ERP/V/1163 08-04-2019
CIRCULAR Allotment Of Cost Center/Location Code. CFO./Accounts/Circular/149A-II/410 26-03-2019
CIRCULAR Correction in service book to upload in ERP. AS/MPPTCL/V/866 08-03-2019
CIRCULAR Accounting procedure for passing the Bill of Materials/Services/Retentions of Suppliers/contractors and making/realizing payment thereof in ERP System.. CFO/ERP/276 27-02-2019
CIRCULAR To Activate ESS A/c. AS/MPPTCL/Cir-/IT&ERP-cell/V/596 12-02-2019
CIRCULAR Leave process in ERP. CFO/MPPTCL/ERP/96 21-01-2019
CIRCULAR Leave process in ERP. AS/MPPTCL/V/244 16-01-2019
CIRCULAR Change of profit Centre of SUB-LDC Bhopal &SUB-LDC, Indore from their Respective RAOs, Bhopal & Indore RAO, SLDC Jabalpur. AS/MPPTCL/CIR/V/142 08-01-2019
CIRCULAR Processing of RA Bills in respect of Supply Orders and various Turnkey/ Non Trunkey/ Services Contracts. AS/MPPTCL/Cir/V/3367 31-12-2018
CIRCULAR Parallel running of ERP and Legacy System. CFO/ERP/1614 31-12-2018
CIRCULAR Parallel running of ERP and Legacy System. CFO/ERP/1552 17-12-2018
CIRCULAR Tenders shall be issued on the basis of Purchase Requisition (PR). No.AS/CFO/ERP/1496 01-12-2018
CIRCULAR Circular regarding cutover plan for ERP Go-Live. AS/MPPTCL/E-I/3047 16-11-2018