Circular No. Circular Type Description Date Download
AS/MPPTCL/II/1264 General Circular कार्मिको की वार्षिक गोपनीय चरित्रावली लिखने की समय-सीमा में संशोधन बावत्. 2022-04-07
AS/MPPTCL/ACR/EE-II/1268 ERP Circular Processing the ACRs of Class-I and II officers of the company through ERP System w.e.f. FY 2021-22 and onwards and discontinuing the legacy system. 2022-04-07
NO. CFO/Accounts/Circular/149/2020-21/1107 ERP Circular Account Circular No-38, Revised accounting procedures for processing of the Suppliers/Contractors/ Revolvingg fund/RTA Crop/RTA fuel/Temporary Advance bill/ othes bills against Expences transaction passed by the field executive for pre-audit and payemnt by RAO/HQ in accordance with the ERP system w.g.f. 01.08.2020 2020-07-16
No.AS/MPPTCL/E-I/3047 ERP Circular Circular regarding cutover plan for ERP Go-Live. 2018-11-16
No.CFO/MPPTCL/ACCOUNTS/149A/1496 ERP Circular Tenders shall be issued on the basis of Purchase Requisition (PR). 2018-12-01
CFO/ERP/1552 ERP Circular Parallel running of ERP and Legacy System. 2018-12-17
CFO/ERP/1614 ERP Circular Parallel running of ERP and Legacy System. 2018-12-31
AS/MPPTCL/CIRCULAR/V/3367 ERP Circular Processing of RA Bills in respect of Supply Orders and various Turnkey/ Non Trunkey/ Services Contracts. 2018-12-31
NO.AS/MPPTCL/CIRCULAR/V/142 ERP Circular Change of profit Centre of SUB-LDC Bhopal &SUB-LDC, Indore from their Respective RAOs, Bhopal & Indore RAO, SLDC Jabalpur. 2019-01-08
NO. AS/MPPTCL/V/244 ERP Circular Leave process in ERP. 2019-01-16
NO. CFO/MPPTCL/ERP/96 ERP Circular Leave process in ERP. 2019-01-21
AS/MPPTCL/CIRCULAR/IT&ERP-cell/V/596 ERP Circular Avoiding use of unauthorized software along with other precautions while using Computers in the offices. 2019-02-12
NO. AS/MPPTCL/V/1867 ERP Circular ERP CIRCULAR No-27, Discontinuation the legacy system i.e. Sybase for capturing financial transactions. 2020-07-08
NO. AS/MPPTCL/V/2604 ERP Circular ERP CIRCULAR No-28, Modification to this office ERP Circular no. 15A. 2020-09-26
NO. CFO/Accounts/Circular/149/2020-21/1796 ERP Circular Circular regarding Entry of transactions on relevant posting date and fiscal year i.e. accounting year. 2021-02-24
No. CFO/ERP/276 ERP Circular Accounting procedure for passing the Bill of Materials/Services/Retentions of Suppliers/contractors and making/realizing payment thereof in ERP System.. 2019-02-27
No. AS/MPPTCL/866 ERP Circular Correction in service book to upload in ERP. 2019-03-08
NO. CFO./Accounts/149A-II/410 ERP Circular Allotment Of Cost Center/Location Code. 2019-03-26
NO. AS/MPPTCL/Cir/IT&ERP/V/1163 ERP Circular Tenders shall be issued on the basis of Purchase Requisition (PR). 2019-04-08
NO.CFO./Accounts/149A-II/688 ERP Circular Allotment Of Cost Center/Location Code. 2019-05-27
CFO/TRANSCO/ACS/CIRCULAR/21-22/020 Accounts Circular Accounting Circular: Accounting for assets created against supply affording charges (SAC) 2022-01-05
CFO/Accounts/149-C/2792 Accounts Circular Circular regarding allotment of new account code 2021-12-22
NO.AS/MPPTCL/Cir./IT&ERP/V/2163 ERP Circular Parallel running of ERP and Legacy System. 2019-07-18
CFO/Accounts/149-C/2790 Accounts Circular Circular regarding allotment of new account code 2021-12-22
NO.AS/MPPTCL/E-I/2201 ERP Circular Departments for Master Data related Codes. 2019-07-19
CFO/Accounts/149/2793 Accounts Circular Circular regarding allotment of scheme code 2021-12-22
NO.AS/MPPTCL/E-V/2224 ERP Circular Looking period of HR related master data maintenance during payroll processing. 2019-07-23
CFO/Accounts/149-C/2791 Accounts Circular Circular regarding allotment of new account code 2021-12-22
NO. AS/MPPTCL/Cir/2347 ERP Circular Implementation of ERP in MPPTCL, Opening & Closing period of material posting. 2019-07-30
AS/808 Accounts Circular Banks and Cash Management Circular. 2018-06-29
CFO/BCM/359 Accounts Circular Instruction regarding Collection Account at RAOs. 2018-03-21
NO. AS/MPPTCL/V/3428 ERP Circular ERP CIRCULAR No-20, To Activate ESS A/c. 2019-11-15
NO. AS/MPPTCL/V/3802 ERP Circular ई आर.पी. अवकाश अवगत कराने बाबत़ 2019-12-13
CFO/BCM/358 Accounts Circular Transfer of funds between RAOs and field Officers/Offices at HQ. 2018-03-21
CFO/BCM/1967 Accounts Circular Bank Account: Collection Account at RAOs. 2017-12-15
NO. AS/MPPTCL/V/238 ERP Circular ERP CIRCULAR No-22, Updation of CL, OL and EL leaves quota in ERP. 2020-01-01
CFO/BCM/MPPTCL/1013 Accounts Circular Payment through RTGS/NEFT/E-payment only. 2017-06-21
NO. AS/MPPTCL/V/235 ERP Circular ERP CIRCULAR No-21, Circular regarding FLM. 2020-01-01
NO. AS/MPPTCL/V/296 ERP Circular ERP CIRCULAR No-23, Circular regarding ERP. 2020-01-06
CFO/MPPTCL/ACCOUNTS/149/1511 Accounts Circular Accounting procedure for assets. 2010-07-21
NO. AS/MPPTCL/Cir/IT&ERP/V/1494 ERP Circular ERP CIRCULAR No-26, Circular regarding ERP. 2020-06-01
NO. AS/MPPTCL/CIR/IT&ERP/V/1258 ERP Circular ERP CIRCULAR No-25, Deactivation/deletion of employees self service (ESS)/Managerial self service(MSS)/SAP ERP (ECC) login credentials provided to personal of MPPTCL, due to separation on various ground. 2020-05-01
NO. CFO/Accounts/Circular/149/2020-21/1108 ERP Circular Account Circular No-39, Revised accounting procedures for Accounting of income from O&M contract of S/S/Line/others with third parties /Income from Renting /hiring contract for use of MPPTCL Assets by the third parties and other Miscellaneous Income received in accordance with ERP system w.e.f. 01.08.2020 2020-07-16
NO. CFO/MPPTCL/Accounts/149/2237 ERP Circular Expenditures related to Operation and Maintenance works. 2021-07-22
NO. AS/MPPTCL/1886 General Circular Group Savings Linked Insurance Scheme 2012-07-16
NO. AS/MPPTCL/2078 General Circular Modification In Wages & Allowances Manual 2012-07-27
NO. AS/MPPTCL/2475 General Circular Modification In Wages & Allowances Manual 2012-08-28
NO. AS/MPPTCL/V/2578 General Circular Concessional Electricity 2012-09-07
NO. AS/MPPTCL/XI/594 General Circular Filling up the vacancies of Junior Engineer 2013-02-28
NO. AS/MPPTCL/V/2561 General Circular Modified Setup Of Civil Wing 2012-09-07
NO. AS/MPPTCL/390 General Circular Modified Setup Of Civil Wing 2012-09-22
NO. AS/MPPTCL/537 General Circular Chhattisgarh Transfer 2013-02-23
NO. AS/MPPTCL/1183 General Circular Norms of furniture for Substation & Offices 2014-04-22
NO. AS/MPPTCL/Con/III/1823 General Circular Concessional Electricity to officers & employee 2014-07-01
NO. AS/MPPTCL/IV/2778 General Circular List of Hospitals Identified by MPPTCL 2014-10-09
NO. DD/PF/BOT/3100 General Circular Increase/decrease in monthly PF subscription 2015-01-27
NO. DD/PF/3099 General Circular Deduction of PF subscription 12% 2015-01-27
NO. AS/MPPTCL//III/1158 General Circular Benefit of concessional Electricity to the officers and Employees of MPPTCL 2016-04-01
NO. AAS/MPPTCL/E-I/XIII/5178 General Circular Criteria for filling up the posts of F&A wing in the company through promotion 2016-12-22
NO. AS/MPPTCL/II/5210 General Circular Identified Static Cadres for higher pay 2016-12-24
NO. AS/MPPTCL/2821 General Circular Implementation of GST 2017-09-05
NO. AS/MPPTCL/III/233 General Circular Circular regarding award policy of the company. 2018-01-16
NO. AS/MPPTCL/E-I/517 General Circular Criteria for filling up the post of F&A wing in the company through promotion 2018-02-07
NO. CFO/BCM/358 General Circular Transfer of funds between RAOs and field officers/offices at HQ 2018-03-21
NO. CFO/BCM/359 General Circular Instruction regarding collection account at RAOs 2018-03-21
NO. AS/MPPTCL/II/1109 General Circular Disclosure of annual confidencial report in respect of account officers and section officers of finance and account wing. 2018-04-06
NO. AS/MPPTCL/III/WO/1440 General Circular Circular regarding publication of MPPTCL quarterly magazine "Transco Surbhi" . 2018-05-11
NO. AS/MPPTCL/V/3316 General Circular ESIC for Contract Employee. 2018-12-26
NO. AS/MPPTCL/CIRCULAR/V/131 General Circular All official correspondence such as U.O. note, letter, report etc. to be made in A-4 size Paper. 2019-01-05
NO. AS/MPPTCL/V/136 General Circular List of Local Holidays 2019. 2019-01-05
NO. AS/MPPTCL/CIRCULAR/V/142 General Circular Change of Profit Centre of SUB-LDC, Bhopal & SUB-LDC, lndore from their Respective RAOs, Bhopal & Indore to RAO SLDC Jabalpur. 2019-01-08
NO. AS/MPPTCL/866 General Circular Circular regarding Service Book detail. 2019-03-08
NO. CFO/TRANSCO/TAX/44/270 General Circular Enhancement of exemption limit of gratuity from Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakhs u/s 10(10)(iii) of Income Act 1961. 2019-03-11
NO. AS/MPPTCL/IV/1014 General Circular Circular regarding vehicle. 2019-03-20
NO. AS/MPPTCL/V/1527 General Circular Circular regarding Biometric Attendance. 2019-05-21
NO. AS/MPPTCL/E-VI/1600 General Circular Circular regarding accidental case. 2019-05-28
NO. AS/MPPTCL/E-I/2614 General Circular A Committee was formed to look into the provisions of penalty clause and also other clauses of various contracts and to suggest changes wherever necessary . 2019-08-24
NO. CFO/Transco/Tax/GST-3/327 General Circular Circular regarding Renting of Motor Vehicle taxable under RCM. 2019-10-11
NO. AS/MPPTCL/VI/3604 General Circular Circular regarding Gratuity Act-1972 for Officers and Employees of companies of Madhya Pradesh power sector . 2019-11-28
NO. AS/MPPTCL/E-I/1367-68 General Circular Circular regarding Gratuity Act-1972. 2019-12-07
NO. AS/MPPTCL/CFO/AUDIT/E-I/3798 General Circular Regarding Audit para replies, A.G. Audit . 2019-12-12
NO. AS/MPPTCL/VI/869 General Circular Circular Regarding "Gratuity Act-1972". 2020-02-24
NO. AS/MPPTCL/V/1075 General Circular Circular Regarding "Biometric Attendance System". 2020-03-07
NO. CFO/TRANSCO/TAX/GST-3/57 General Circular Circular regarding applicability of GST on forfeiture of SD/EMD 2020-03-19
NO. AS/MPPTCL/V/1197 General Circular Necessary preventive remedies for prevention of novel corona virus (COVID-19) 2020-03-21
NO. AS/MPPTCL/E-1/1201 General Circular Directives issued with regard to novel corona virus (COVID-19) 2020-03-23
NO. AS/MPPTCL/V/1263 General Circular Effective use of "Aarogyasetu" App for breaking the Chain of transmission of Covid-19. 2020-05-01
NO. AS/MPPTCL/2127 General Circular GSLIS - Group Savings Linked Insurance Scheme with Accidental Insurance 2013-07-16
NO. AS/MPPTCL/VIII/2827 General Circular Notification of company cadre employee 2013-09-11
NO. AS/MPPTCL/3307 General Circular Award Policy and Amendments 2013-10-25
NO. AS/MPPTCL/110 General Circular Submission of Articles for "Transco-Surbhi" Magzine 2014-01-09
NO. AS/MPPTCL/13/193 General Circular Relaxation in Bond Executed by Employee 2014-01-18
NO. AS/MPPTCL//III/1160 General Circular Electricity bills of offices & control centers/ rooms of MPPTCL. 2016-04-01
NO. AS/MPPTCL/IV/1453 General Circular CUG CEILING of Maximum Rs 300/- 2016-05-02
NO. AS/MPPTCL/2034 General Circular Maintaining Register for the Complaint of ST/SC 2016-06-20
NO. AS/MPPTCL/II/2655 General Circular Disposal of application for class up gradation of AE (Class-II) and JE (Class-III) 2016-07-02
NO. AS/MPPTCL/EStt./3857 General Circular EPF Deposit related to Outsource Employee 2016-10-03
NO. AS/MPPTCL/E-I/13/ 4091 General Circular Regarding New Recruitment Policy 2016-10-29
NO. AS/MPPTCL/III/ 5011 General Circular Regarding Award Policy of the Company 2016-12-03
NO. AS/MPPTCL/III/1362 General Circular Regarding 84th Board Meeting of Board of Directors of MPPTCL 2017-05-06
NO. AS/MPPTCL/V/1517 General Circular Energy Department, GoMP, Bhopal order Regarding Managing Director 2017-05-19
NO. AS/MPPTCL/91 General Circular Games Celender-2017 2017-07-14
NO. AS/MPPTCL/III/2361 General Circular Compensatory of Encashment. 2017-07-24
NO. AS/MPPTCL/V/2376 General Circular To Follow Office Timings. 2017-07-25
NO. AS/MPPTCL/2504 General Circular Regarding Reservation for womens recruitment by MP govt. 2017-08-04
NO. AS/MPPTCL/E-I/2500 General Circular Deputation Policy for MP power companies 2017-08-05
NO. AS/MPPTCL/III/2545 General Circular Flag hosting program occasion on Independenace day 2017-08-08
NO. AS/MPPTCL/V/1913 General Circular Circular regarding Honorable Managing Director, M.P Power Transmission Co.Ltd. 2020-07-13
NO. AS/MPPTCL/V/2188 General Circular For keeping updated data on the Website. 2020-08-11
NO. AS/MPPTCL/III/2202 General Circular Circular regarding Benefit of concessional electricity. 2020-08-13
NO. CFO/TRANSCO/TAX/GST-3/37 General Circular Circular regarding E-invoice for passing bills of supplier and contractor for payment. 2020-10-20
AS/CFO/Transco/Tax/44/124 General Circular Circulare regarding Income Tax 2022-06-02
AS/MPPTCL/Circular/Proc./V/1707 General Circular Circulare regarding Interest on advance payment 2022-05-23
NO. CFO/TRANSCO/TAX/44/39 General Circular Collection of TCS by supplier on payment. 2020-10-23
AS/MPPTCL/Circular/Proc./V/1444 General Circular Circular regarding Tendering Procedure 2022-04-25
AS/MPPTCL/V/1289 General Circular Regarding purchase through GeM portal modification in DoP clause thereof. 2022-04-08
AS/CFO/Transco/Tax/GST-3/127 General Circular Circular regarding change in rate of GST on sale of tender form. 2022-06-06
AS/MPPTCL/E-I/1183 General Circular Regarding transfer of employees of MPPTCL. 2022-03-31
AS/MPPTCL/II/1131 General Circular Regarding Confidential Report. 2022-03-21
AS/04-02/SSD/373 General Circular Circular regarding Standard Measurement Book(Vol-II)as per MPPWD SOR for Building works 2022-02-15
AS/MPPTCL/Circular/Proc./V/608 General Circular Circular regarding E-tendering procedure. 2022-02-07
AS/MPPTCL/Transco/F-476/1142 General Circular Circular regarding GPF. 2022-02-02
AS/MPPTCL/V/462 General Circular Circular regarding GPF. 2022-01-27
NO. AS/MPPTCL/EST/3317 General Circular Regarding porches of cloths for Uniform and stitching charges. 2020-12-23
CFO/Transco/ESH/Cir.61/68 General Circular Circular regarding EPF. 2022-01-19
AS/MPPTCL/E-I/397 General Circular Circular regarding 400 kV Testing Div location. 2022-01-18
04-02/SSD/Civil/2573 General Circular Circular regarding measurement methodology for recording of measurements. 2021-11-11
AS/CFO/Transco/Tax/GST-3/131 General Circular Guideline for issuing GST Invoice to ZTT 2022-06-15
AS/CFO/Transco/Tax/GST-3/132 General Circular Guideline for issuing GST Invoice to ZTT 2022-06-20
NO. CFO/TRANSCO/TAX/CIR-44/01 General Circular Circular regarding Income Tax(Salary) 2020-06-03
NO. CFO/TRANSCO/TAX/CIR-44/05 General Circular Circular regarding opting either of Old Tax Slab or new tax Slab for Income Tax Return. 2020-06-18
01-01/IV/189/83/1735-36 General Circular Certificate of Railway journey in TA Bill for medical treatment 2000-12-22
AS/MPPTCL/1735-36 General Circular Delegation of authorities and circulars prevalent prior to issuance of GoMP notification 31-05-2015 2005-08-25
NO. CFO/TRANSCO/TAX/44/74 General Circular Deduction of TDS u/s lncome of Income Tax Act with effect from 01/07/2021 (TDS on Purchase of Goods) 2021-07-02
AS/MPPTCL/IV/2490 General Circular Orders/Circulars issued by MPSEB have been adopted by MPPTCL 2006-10-05
AS/MPPTCL/IV/140 General Circular Orders/Circulars issued by MPSEB have been adopted by MPPTCL 2010-01-16
AS/MPPTCL/IV/Medical/1634-35 General Circular Delegation of powers for sanction of advance to the employees, who meet with accident while on duty 2011-07-20
NO. AS/MPPTCL/VI/3331 General Circular Circular regarding timely disposal of departmental enquiry penalty against officer/employee. 2020-12-24
NO. AS/MPPTCL/VI/155 General Circular Circular regarding Internal Grievance Redressal Committee. 2021-01-01
NO. AS/MPPTCL/III/151 General Circular Circular regarding Independence Day and Republic Day Award. 2021-01-01
AS/MPPTCL/I/2770-71 General Circular Chief Executive of the company with effect from 17.12.2011 2011-12-17
NO. AS/MPPTCL/P&D/5/310 General Circular Circular regarding Digital Life Certificate for Pensioners/ Family Pensioners . 2021-01-08
AS/MPPTCL/Five/1913 General Circular केद्रीय क्रीडा एवं कला परिषद म.प्र.पॉवर मैनेजमेंट कं.लि.के तत्‍वावधान में 21 जून 2022 को अंतर्राट्रीय योग दिवस के आयोजन बावत्। 2022-06-20
NO. CFO./ACCOUNTS/CIRCULAR/149/2020-21/1796 General Circular Circular regarding Entry of transactions on relevant posting date and fiscal year i.e accounting year . 2021-02-24
NO. CFO/TRANSCO/TAX/62 General Circular Circular regarding Income Tax(TDS) Rates applicable with effect from 01/04/2021 2021-04-06
NO. CFO/TRANSCO/TAX/44/72 General Circular Deduction of TDS u/s 1940 of Income Tax Act W.E.F.01/07/2021(TDS on Purchase of Goods) 2021-06-22
NO. CFO/TRANSCO/TAX/44/84 General Circular Income Tax TDS/TCS compliance. 2021-08-18
NO. AS/MPPTCL/III/2570 General Circular Continue the benefit of concessional electricity. 2021-08-19
NO. CFO./ACCOUNTS/CIRCULAR/149/2021-22/2453 General Circular Accounts Circular - 43, Procedure for obtaining funding to meet out the expenditure of unfunded capital expenditure. 2021-09-17
AS/MPPTCL/IV/1961 General Circular त्रि-स्‍तरीय पंचायत निर्वाचन-2022 के मतदान दिवस के सामान्‍य अवकाश की अधिसूचना प्रभावशील बाबत्। 2022-06-24
AS/MPPTCL/V/2027 General Circular त्रि-स्‍तरीय नगरीय निकाय निर्वाचन-2022 के मतदान दिवस के सामान्‍य अवकाश की अधिसूचना प्रभावशील बाबत्। 2022-06-30
AS/MPPTCL/E-1/2122 General Circular परीक्षण एवं संचार संकाय के अधीन सिविल कार्यों को अउदा-निर्माण संकाय में स्‍थानांतरण किये जाने बाबत् 2022-07-13
CFO/Transco/Tax/44/134 General Circular Circular-TDS on Cash withdrawal from Revolving Fund A/c 2022-07-14
AS/MPPTCL/ACR/PA/1865 ERP Circular Process for filling of ACRs of class III and IV personnel of the company through ERP system w.e.f. FY 2021-22 and onwards and discontinuing the lagecy system. 2022-06-14
04-02/P&D/Estt./1507 Accounts Circular Procedure for obtaining funds under Accounts Circular-43 for purchase related to Computers & its Peripherals. 2022-06-28
AS/MPPTCL/III/2261 General Circular Circular regarding solar rooftop plants 2022-07-22
2307000/Estt./3297 General Circular Shri Atul Kumar Joshi, ACE has assumed the charge of Chief Engineer (T&C) MPPTCL, Jabalpur on 31.08.2022 2022-09-01
AS/MPPTCL/V/2682 General Circular मुख्‍यालय/मैदानी कार्यालयों से पेंशन अनुभाग को प्रेषित किये जाने वाले पेंशन प्रकरणों के संबंध में दिशा निर्देश बावत्। 2022-09-13
AS/MPPTCL/V/2787 General Circular General Holiday for Nagar Nigam election 2022-09-23
AS/MPPTCL/II/2785 General Circular चालू वित्‍तीय वर्ष के मध्‍य में सेवानिवृत्ति हो रहे प्रतिवेदक (रिपोटिंग) अधिकारियों को अधीनस्‍थ कार्यरत कार्मिको के वार्षिक गोपनीय में मतांकन किये जाने हेतु दो माह का अतिरिक्‍त समय दिये जाने बावत्। 2022-09-23
AS/MPPTCL/Vigilance/273 General Circular Regarding shifting of CE(Vigilance) office 2022-09-29
AS/MPPTCL/V/2987 General Circular Circular regarding Annual Property return. 2022-10-18
CFO/Transco/Tax/GST-3/142 General Circular Regarding Non-applicability of GST on penalty Recovered or SD/EMD Forfeited. 2022-10-14
AS/MPPTCL/V/3373 General Circular Circular regarding Biometric e-attendance 2022-11-28
CFO/TRANSCO/ACS-CIRCULAR/22-23/1034 Accounts Circular Accounting Circular regarding Preparation & Publication of Quarterly Accounts 2022-12-12
AS/MPPTCL/II/3520 ERP Circular Circular regarding grading of ACRs in specific conditions. 2022-12-14
AS/MPPTCL/Circular/391 General Circular Circular regarding uses of 5 star rating equipments. 2023-01-20
AS/MPPTCL/ACR/EE-II/402 ERP Circular Custodianship and viewing right of the ACRs of employees/officers of MPPTCL and issues related to migrate ACRs written in legacy to ERP system and communication of decision of ACR Review Committee to the applicant employee/officer. 2023-01-20
AS/MPPTCL/Circular/2900 General Circular Procurement of goods at GEM Portal 2022-10-11
AS/MPPTCL/E-1/2276 General Circular स्‍थानांतरण हेतु ऑनलाइन आवेदन प्रस्‍तुुत करने के संबंध में। 2022-07-26
AS/MPPTCL/V/2292 ERP Circular ERP के माध्यम से भविष्य निधि आहरण के संबंध में, 2022-07-27
AS/MPPTCL/V/2292 General Circular Circular regarding PF 2022-07-27
AS/MPPTCL/III/2233 General Circular Regarding benefit of concessional electricity 2022-07-21
CE(Trans.-EZ)/43 General Circular Shri Bhikam Singh, Addl. Chief Engineer assumed the charge of CE(Trans.-Ez) 2022-09-02
AS/MPPTCL/E-III/2408 General Circular 15 अगस्‍त 2022 को स्‍वतंत्रता दिवस समारोह का मिनटवार कार्यक्रम विवरण 2022-08-12
AS/MPPTCL/E-I/2393 General Circular Circular regarding finalization of SoR 2022-08-10
04-02/P&D/Estt./1507 General Circular Procedure for obtaining funds under Accounts Circular-43 for purchase related to Computers & its Peripherals. 2022-06-28
AS/MPPTCL/II/2603 General Circular Extending the timelines in respect of the Reporting Officer for writing ACR 2022-09-02
AS/MPPTCL/2636 General Circular Circular regarding evaluation of Price Bids 2022-09-06
AS/MPPTCL/V/3473 General Circular Circular regarding all official to be addressed to Shri Raj Kishore Khandelwal, Chief Engineer (HR&A), MPPTCL Jabalpur May be made on following address. 2022-12-08

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